About Us

We share a rich heritage in the region with Juffali

About us

Here at SAT, we provide world class cybersecurity and datacenter group solutions. We combine value-added technology with predictive market intelligence to boost business growth in a shifting landscape.

We forge solid, long-term relationships with the world’s leading tech vendors, and empower our reseller customers by carving them a strong position in a competitive market, driving our partners towards a prosperous and profitable future.

Rich Heritage

We share a rich heritage in the region with Juffali, who have been at the vanguard of technological development in the Kingdom since 1946. SAT is empowered by the relationship with Juffali and their international business partners.

SAT deserves its reputation as the fastest growing VAD in Saudi Arabia and the region. We continue to grow our portfolio of world-leading IT vendors and broker strong partnerships with our wide network of resellers across the region.

We do things bigger and better

We believe the strength of a company is determined by its resources, which is why we are committed to maintaining strong partnerships throughout the IT world so we can provide a world-class resource to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

We never stop learning

And our work is never over. We never stop investing in our continuous growth, from research in next generation technology to refining the skills base of our team to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

We are a big little company

The reason our clients rely so heavily on our support is our combination of global solutions with local knowledge and expertise.

We think global and we act local

We have local teams on the ground that offer unrivalled expertise and identify problems to quickly implement the best solutions for you. Where our customers are concerned, we do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach. We know that each customer requires our special attention to agree on specific solutions designed for their business. We provide professional support every step way of the way to make your business processes flow smarter and work better, and we have an array of leading-edge products and services to make this happen.

We are all about you

Our team of certified experts are fully equipped with the latest resources to consult customers on contemporary solutions to contemporary problems. They provide strategic support throughout the partnership, from handshake to project completion. It doesn’t stop there, we go deeper in providing ongoing business support and consultancy even after the job is done. The foundation of our client relationships is the mutual loyalty and trust embedded into the partnership right from the beginning.