cyber security

Cyber Security

This piece will talk about how you can ramp up your computer security and protect yourself and your business from surveillance from hackers, malware and unwanted onlookers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing impacts businesses in all aspects and at all levels, there are myths surrounding cloud computing which cloud the reality of the cloud. Cloud computing is only for tech companies…

Professional Services

The Professional Services line of business also known as Business Consulting Services offers high-quality advisory, consultancy, and system implementation services across the complete spectrum of Information Technology domains.

About us

Who We Are

Here at SAT, we provide world class cybersecurity and datacenter group solutions. We combine value-added technology with predictive market intelligence to boost business growth in a shifting landscape.

We do things bigger and better

We believe the strength of a company is determined by its resources, which is why we are committed to maintaining strong partnerships throughout the IT world so we can provide a world-class resource to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

We are all about you

Our team of certified experts are fully equipped with the latest resources to consult customers on contemporary solutions to contemporary problems. They provide strategic support throughout the partnership, from handshake to project completion.

We are a big little company

The reason our clients rely so heavily on our support is our combination of global solutions with local knowledge and expertise.  

We never stop learning

And our work is never over. We never stop investing in our continuous growth, from research in next generation technology to refining the skills base of our team to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Products and Services

SAT is the gateway to hardware and software solutions in the region. We combine world class resources with the expertise of a fully equipped team to ensure our partners’ needs are met every time.

Products & Solutions

With access to leading technology solutions through our business partner network, finely tuned with our technical knowledge and expertise, we offer real value to our customers and support the entire digital ecosystem.
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